About us

MadGoat is a small independent studio born from the ambition for developing and publishing video games. Currently, the studio consists of 4 members with little experience on PC Game Development, that share the same passion to create unique content.

We started development on Mobile Platforms as a "3 man team", released a small number of awesome casual and arcade styled games but we quickly realized that there are so many games on the mobile market that its hard to get noticed without a high budget for advertising or a powerful publisher behind. It wasn't easy to move from Mobile development to PC development, but we hope that this step was worth taking. We started to work on a big PC game project, and not long after, the studio started to grow into what it is today.

It is worth mentioning that we are full indie. There are no publishers or private investors behind us. So far, the project has been funded from our savings.
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Our team:


Raul TurcuČ™: Lead Programmer - Founder

Cristian Iordache: Designer/3D Artist - Founder

Claudiu Iordache: Game designer/Writer/Marketer - Founder

Ahmed Fwela: Programmer