MadGoat SSAA and Resolution Scaling

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Hello dear followers, we are happy to announce that our brand-new unity asset, MadGoat SSAA and Resolution Scaling is out on Unity Asset store for the humble price of 10$. This is the first Unity Asset released by us this year, the first of the 3 we are currently working on, and planning to release until summer.

Asset Store Link

The development of this asset started with the need to have a reliable SSAA and resolution scaling solution for our own projects. Even though we created this asset for our personal purpose only, we decided it is best to share it with other developers that might find a use for it in their own projects.

What is SSAA?

SSAA, short from super sampling anti-aliasing (not to be confused with screen space anti-aliasing) is one of the highest quality antialiasing methods, since it works by rendering the whole image at a higher resolution and down sampling it to the screen resolution.

Then why don't you see it in many games?

SSAA works by directly changing the internal render resolution of your game, therefore the higher the setting is, the higher the performance hit is. Because of that, it uses more resources and needs more processing power than other anti-aliasing options, but also looks better. This AA solution is great for high end GPUs where there is performance headroom left, and also for high resolution, sharp screenshots.

In addition to the SSAA system, an image effect based AA solution such as Unity's SMAA can be used for the best quality results, without big performance hit (as seen in pictures).

Key features

Here are some features of our system, that we, as game developers, considered necessary when we developed it:

  1. Affordable: As indie developers ourselves, we know how hard it is to fund the development of a game, especially when you invest your own money. We believe in affordable assets that do the job right.
  2. High Compatibility: Compatible with Unity 5.5, 5.6 and 2017 Beta (Also compatible with older versions but not officially tested), compatible with all the major graphics APIs such as Vulkan, DX9-12 and OpenGL.
  3. Easy to setup: Just drag and drop the script on your cameras, it’s that easy!
  4. Resolution scale mode: Ability to scale the resolution by percent, such as seen in the settings menus of many AAA titles. This helps users to change render resolution without affecting the UI/HUD
  5. Various Image filtering modes: Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear and Bicubic
  6. Full source available: You feel like changing something in order for it to fit your needs? Make it yours!
  7. High-Res Screenshots: Take screenshots at higher resolution than your screen (also with super sampling)
  8. Doesn't affect image effects
  9. Reduces flickering and other image artifacts: such as those created by depth of field blur or highly specular objects

What's next:

We have many plans with this asset in the future, in the form of performance improvements and new features such as:

  1. VR support
  2. In-Engine high resolution video rendering (frame by frame)
  3. Getting the best performance off the renderer
  4. Further improving the image filtering shaders

In the end we would like to thank you for taking your time reading this post, and we hope you found it interesting.

1 Oliver Davies • 2:08 PM, 2017-07-19 [Entry]
How's that VR support coming along?