Northern Lights - New name for our game!

2020-10-26  /  Claudiu  /  1353  /  0 Comments

Hello, dear followers! Yesterday was a big day for us, and a busy one as well. As we progress in making our game, it was the time to choose a name for it. We made a poll and posted on several social networks like Facebook and Reddit, and the result was unexpected. We received 300 votes on the poll and 50 other votes in the form of messages and comments on our social pages, together with hundreds of comments containing excellent and original ideas for the game. 

Of all the people who interacted with us, the majority voted for “Northern Lights”.

We were happy to see the feedback of our community. This blog-post is dedicated to them, giving them our heartfelt thanks! We will keep making weekly updates on the progress of our work. 



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