Our 3D-Asset creation workflow

2020-10-26  /  Skan  /  1148  /  0 Comments

I figured out that one development aspect that was not covered here is the workflow of 3D asset creations so that's what I'm gonna talk about today.

A lot of indie teams are opting for buying or "borrowing" 3D assets instead of creating them, and I get it: creating complete 3D objects is time consuming. Well, we are not doing that. Instead, we chose to create our own 3D assets because that way we have more control on what we need, and how it should look.

Our creation workflow has four phases:

  1. Modeling and UV mapping the object in low poly using Blender.
  2. Creating a high poly version based on low poly model and baking it into a normal map using xNormal.
  3. Texturing the object in Quixel using PBR callibrated maps.
  4. Importing in unity and further tweaking inside our modified version of "Standard Shader"

 And here is a Timelapse showing the process of creating a Mosin Nagant rifle:

You can find more Timelapses on our Youtube Channel